Interview: Why the owner of a popular steakhouse in Ann Arbor chooses not to play background music

We spoke with Don Knight, owner of Knight’s Steakhouse in Ann Arbor, about why he chooses not to play background music.

Q: What’s your reason for not playing recorded music in your wildly popular restaurant?

A: It was a decision made by my father.  He wanted people to be able to have conversations over dinner without competing music playing.

Q: What’s your own opinion about “piped” music in restaurants?  

A: It drives me and my wife crazy!  We will never have it here in the Dexter Rd. restaurant or in Jackson.  I was outvoted for the downtown Knight’s. I have a regular customer, Bill Bolcom, who you may have heard of?

Q: Certainly, he’s a famous composer!

A: He eats here all the time, and has said, “I don’t expect people to eat meals at my concerts, and don’t want music playing in restaurants where I eat.”

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